If you are in the preliminary years of your career and live, work or do business in Hawke’s Bay, HBYP is for you. HBYP provides an opportunity to network and socialise, for the benefit of both yourself and your company. Members come from a wide range of industries and are the future leaders in the Hawke’s Bay community. Members are dynamic individuals looking for opportunities within the business world, to kick start their careers and have some fun along the way!

HBYP provides the opportunity to create your own individual networks through great social and professional events. After all, in business it is often not ‘what you know’ but ‘who you know’ that counts.

HBYP offers members the opportunity to:
* Build business and social networks * Extract information and expand knowledge base from colleagues who have a similar level of competence * Meet people who are new to the city * Create new relationships when returning from an OE * Career change opportunities * Meet new business clientele * Meet potential new staff * Fulfil and facilitate career aspirations * A change of social scene